Collective Protection of Our Natural Resources

The Milwaukee River is a primary environmental corridor. Its wetlands habitat is fragile and beautiful.  This amazing place in the heart of the city that has a wide array of native plants and wildlife, including some that are threatened and endangered.

Milwaukee River Advocates works to protect the natural state of one of our most valuable resources which is threatened by development, vandalism, intense and irresponsible recreational use, the spread of invasive species, and short-sighted management. Through education, advocacy and thoughtful stewardship, we seek to preserve the river to the highest possible level, and to restore health of the entire riparian ecosystem, regardless of past abuse.

We are a cooperative that offers both paid and volunteer memberships. We have many opportunities for volunteering. Members have access to free and discounted programming, including educational hikes through the river corridor to learn about plants, trees, bugs, frogs, history and other things.  There are also opportunities for individuals and groups to sponsor programs and projects.

We already have a great core group of river lovers, and we welcome new members to join us and actively protect the natural and wild state of the Milwaukee River.


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